Meet the Driver: Dom

Recently at LIDS we’ve been doing weekly spotlights on our wonderful suppliers but every single part of the team that makes up who we are as an organisation is incredibly important to us. That’s why we thought we’d introduce you to one of our drivers – Dom, and give you a chance to find out a bit more about one of the people out there each day bringing you our produce.

So Dom – tell us a bit about yourself.

So, im almost 27 and i’ve been a lorry driver since I was 18,  I recently got a job working for the F1 and was out testing in barcelona just as Covid19 struck, so have come back untill it’s safe to resume what’s left of the season.

How did you get involved with LIDS?

I was wanting to volunteer or do something useful with my spare time to help out in the community, and I’ve known Dave (Founder of LIDS) since I was maybe 13ish and worked with him in restaurants for years until till I did my HGV at 18 and changed careers, so I spoke with him knowing he had something In the pipeline with LIDS and for the first 7 weeks or so I started helping out with logistics and doing the delivering.

What’s been the best part of being on Team LIDS?

The best part for me is seeing the vulnerable people receive their items who are so very grateful , the food banks and deprived homes I’ve been to with producer donations really makes it worth it.

What’s your favourite thing to cook for yourself?

I like to cook any really simple food but fresh. I’d say a go to dish for comfort would be a nice pan fried sea bass, with wilted greens, garlic crushed new potatoes and a pan juices made sauce.

Dom is one of our longest serving delivery drivers and has been working tirelessly to make sure you get your orders as well as supporting with the delivery of our community parcels to those in need. So next time you order if you’re lucky enough to have Dom stop by make sure you say hello : )

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