Join Liverpool Independent Delivered Services

We believe the desire to support local business will continue well after Covid19 and that with LIDS we’re creating a sustainable shopping experience that benefits suppliers, the community and our customers.

LIDS offers you the opportunity to provide your services to a large customer base, and to be part of a community of supportive organizations coming together to highlight the ongoing importance of buying local.

We are already processing hundreds of orders each week and have a large ever-growing social media following. Through LIDS, we make it easy for you to get your goods and services in front of customers alongside other brilliant retailers.

It’s quick, easy, and simple to get involved – simply fill in our supplier inquiry form. Once approved there’s a £20 registration fee to get you set up and then you’re good to go; you’ll have become part of something very special already sweeping across Liverpool.

Ideally, we try to keep things simple and ask that you offer no more than 3 packages on our site at a reasonable cost, allowing customers to shop from a range of suppliers without a huge bill.

Supplier Form

    If you can fill in three eg packages below (this will help us get you set up quickly and smoothly)