LIDS customers have donated an extra [greeting] meals to charity.


Welcome to LIDS, the quickest way to get local products from the best independent retailers around delivered straight to your door – fast.

Here on one site, you’ve got access to a range of produce and products to make shopping locally your best option. Whether you’re looking for fish, meat, dairy, alcohol, freshly baked cakes, and bread or cleaning supplies, you’ll find it all here and much more. Just a few clicks away and at great prices.

Not only does LIDS offer access to fantastic produce, it keeps spending power in your region, aiding the local economy and keeping retailers in business. With LIDS you can also shop for someone else, so if you know someone in need then the option is there to send them whatever they might need.

Every time you shop with LIDS you’re also helping us continue our charitable work providing quality food to those most in need through our partner Knowsley Kitchen.

Thank you for supporting local business. Every order makes a difference.

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